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Video Production vs. Videography Dubai

In today’s digital world, creating and sharing content online through video production should be an integral part of businesses’ strategies. There is no better way for your company to interact with customers than through video production. Not only can you connect with your target audience, but you can also educate them and showcase your products to display your brand’s mission.

However, the Dubai video production process goes much beyond videography. You should know the difference between the kinds of videos a videographer can create for you and those that involve a professional video production company. Businesses need to understand the concept of choosing the right person for the Dubai video production process. Eden Films is a video and film production company in Dubai that specializes in Dubai video production and marketing. Let’s learn why you need to hire a professional company for video production.

The Difference Between Video Production and Videography

A videographer operates a camera and films live events such as corporate events, weddings, training videos, etc.

A video production company creates videos for your business from scratch, guiding it through various stages of the production process. When you create a video to engage your audience, raise awareness, tell your story, or entertain them, it demands much effort. The process is very lengthy, starting with script writing, then filming, adding motion graphics, titles, logos, and other editing procedures. Some key differences between Dubai video production vs. videography are:

Singular role vs. teamwork

A videographer usually plays a singular role in the entire Dubai video production process. Their main task is to operate the camera and capture the footage. Some videographers may edit the video, but video editing is otherwise a completely different skill set.

On the other hand, a video production company is a team of professionals who offer a range of services from the beginning to the end of the Dubai video production process. These include services like:


These encompass video idea development, script writing, storyboarding, budget formation, scheduling, casting, hiring, and location setting.


This part of the Dubai video production process includes cinematography, lighting, wardrobe, hair and makeup, production design, and audio recording and mixing.


Then comes the tedious job of post-production, which involves editing, color grading, sound design, motion graphics, special effects, and delivery.

We offer all of these services at Eden Films. The good thing is that if your project doesn’t need all of the above-mentioned services, Eden Films can tailor their services according to your project.

Seamless, high-quality production

When you shift the burden of video production off your or a videographer’s shoulders to a professional production company, you may notice several things. First, a production company like Eden Films can seamlessly handle your project from the beginning until the end, and all you need to do is sit back and watch us work. Secondly, as a professional company, we are well aware of market trends and competitors; hence, we are best at delivering high-quality work.

How do I Decide Which One to Opt for: A Video Production Company or a Videographer?

If you are just interested in making a short-duration video like live event coverage such as a webinar, training sessions, etc and it’s not meant to generate revenue, then you need a videographer.

On the other hand, if you need to craft a video that will continue to benefit your company for the next 3-5 years by generating revenue and creating awareness, then you should ask for Dubai video production by a professional company.

The versatile role of Eden Films

Eden Films is the UAE’s highest-rated video production company. We are not only experts at video production but also offer our event coverage services to you. Hence, it doesn’t matter whether you want a Dubai video production by us or just need our videography services for any live event coverage; we are available for both. Instead of trying a newbie videographer, you can avail of our tried and tested videography services for event coverage.

On the other hand, if you want to give us the tiresome work of video production, no one can do the job better than us. We specialize in a range of video production, such as corporate films, fashion films, TV commercials, and documentaries. Besides, we can also deal with music clips, still photography, motion graphics, voice-over, and VR.

Video production and marketing

Most businesses nowadays use videos to market their products. Interestingly, these videos don’t necessarily include only commercial videos or paid advertisements. With the availability of several platforms today, a variety of videos can be used for marketing. For instance, interviews, consultation, research on some cases and relating it to a product, documentaries, humor videos, or purely advertising.

Eden Films is well aware of the concept of “Dubai video production and marketing,” which is why we pay special attention to our client’s unique needs. Our main goal is to make the videos in a way that appeals to customers in the most realistic and relatable way possible. Dubai Video production and marketing seem tricky if you try to deal with them superficially. That’s why video production by Eden Films involves a deeper dive into all the pitfalls related to marketing to make the most out of our video.

Wrapping Up

Video production goes much beyond videography. A video not only advertises your product but can also be consumed as a product. Businesses need to understand the power of videos in today’s digital world; only then can they make videos for powerful marketing campaigns. Video production by Eden Films is a versatile service that includes everything from event coverage in the form of videography to crafting a range of videos from scratch. Now, your company can use such videos as a product or for advertising your products. Never compromise on the quality of video production or videography because a high-quality video can benefit your business in the form of revenue for many years.

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