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Video Production Agency Dubai

Do you wonder how to produce breakthrough video content? Are you interested in filming a unique TV commercial or short film? It’s no secret that making a video demands a lot of time, patience, and tons of work. This is also a fact: just because you own a video camera doesn’t mean you can be a videographer.

Creating original content that not only engages your audience but also keeps them well-entertained isn’t a piece of cake. That’s why it’s a wise decision to take help from a professional video production company. If you are looking for a top-rated video production agency in Dubai, then no one can serve you better than Eden Films. With more than 12 years of rich experience dealing with world-class clients, our video production agency Dubai has undergone a huge evolution. Let’s delve deeper to learn more about how we work and what makes us special.

Video Production vs. Film Production

If you are searching for “video production companies near me” just be sure to hire one who is an expert in both video production and film production. Although both may sound the same, there is a difference between video production and film production. Film production has a history dating back to the 19th century. The traditional process of filmmaking involves capturing images on film and then projecting them onto a screen.

Video production, however, came in the 20th century with the advent of television. It involves capturing images on digital media and then distributing these through different channels, such as television, DVDs, or the Internet. Although both productions may involve image capture on camera, there is a technical difference between both. Film production encompasses more traditional cinematic effects, while video production focuses more on immediate and accessible content production.

There are some main differences between the two: let’s discuss them one by one.


One of the key differences between video production vs. film production is the story. Film producers need some sort of story to shoot. Even a documentary film is telling you a story in a narrative style. Therefore, film producers ensure good acting, and get the best props and locations to keep the flow of the story that looks natural. On the other hand, video production purely focuses on video flow and post-production.

Shot planning

Other than production, the pre-production of the film is also quite different from video production. The storyboard for the film focuses on minute details. On the other hand, video production, such as product videos or interviews, may not be planned in that much detail. Also, the film production team spends a lot of time crafting the look of every shot, no matter how many retakes they have to take. In contrast, video production is shot and edited in a matter of hours or days at maximum, rather than weeks and months.

Budget, scale, and scope

Another notable difference between video production vs. film production is the scale of production. Often, films are larger in scale, with bigger budgets and larger crews. In contrast, video production often involves a smaller scale, a modest budget, and fewer resources.


Post-production for video production is very different from film production. The post-production process involves turning the footage into a cohesive product. Just like the rest of the steps, the post-production of videos doesn’t demand as much creativity as film production. For the film, post-production involves more in-depth special effects. Although video editing, like that of a corporate video, requires some work, there are not many artistic edits.

Audience and distribution platforms

Another important difference between video and filmmaking is their target audience and the way they consume the content. Films are often released in theaters or aired on television such as documentary films. This enables a group audience to share the experience of watching and analyzing the theme and message of films. While video production often involves individuals consuming the content on their phones, tablets, or computers for a more personalized experience. However, with the advent of more streaming services like Netflix, the line between film and video is getting blurrier day by day.

Future trends for video production vs. film production

With the evolution of technology, the boundary line between video production and film production will likely become less and less evident. With the rise of high-quality digital cameras and editing software that creates cinematic-quality videos, both film and video production lines are overlapping each other. Also, the rise of virtual reality technology could unravel new horizons in both video and film production. A video allowing its users to interact with its content in exciting ways or a film allowing viewers to explore its world in 360 degrees has already been introduced. As these technologies develop, the dividing line between film and video will likely become less evident.

Challenges of Video Production

Besides a lot of exciting possibilities in the future world of video and film production, there are also some challenges.

Due to the production of more and more content, it is becoming increasingly difficult for individual videos and filmmakers to produce unique content. It’s a tedious job to bring forward different ideas that make your video stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, besides providing a platform for your video display, various streaming services are creating more competition. Now, individual video makers face more difficulties in finding ways to monetize their content.

Need of a Video Production House

A professional video production agency can pay off in the long run. If you avail of our professional services, we, as a video production agency Dubai can be a great help to you owing to:

  • Laced with high-quality equipment
  • Customized storytelling services
  • Perfect for streamlined video editing
  • Efficient management

Right from the beginning, a professional video production agency can cater to your individual needs and create a unique story on which a film or video is based. Then comes the role of equipment; from filters to lighting, audio equipment, or methods to take steady shots, we, as a video production agency Dubai, know how to breathe life into your films and videos. Also equally important is the process of post-production and editing, and who can do it better than the video production house of Eden Films? According to statistics, 90% of customers find a persuading video to affect their shopping decision. Also, when you hire a video production house for your video or film, you get a second opinion about your product through their eyes. Hence, a video production company director can shape your product for your customers more excitingly and engagingly.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for “ video production companies near me” in Dubai, you can rely on us. A professional video production house is usually an expert in both video and film production. Eden Films, a renowned video production agency in Dubai with years of experience and the latest equipment, will make your film or video stand out from the crowd. Also, by staying up-to-date on all the latest trends in the industry, we have a creative vision that can resonate with your target audience. Instead of wasting your time and money on an average-quality video, rely on our out-of-the-box ideas to create unique and customized video content for you.

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