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 Post-production is fundamental to the process of filmmaking. It is equally important as production itself. Rather, it won’t be wrong to say that a video doesn’t get its final shape unless gone through the process of post-production.

What Does Post-Production Include?

 Post-production is a part of filmmaking where the footage or film after being shot is assembled in a sequence, then it is further polished with different techniques.

It includes:

  • Editing: It includes all basics we know like joining together the individual shots.
  • Music composition: This is now an integral part of any video. It enhances the emotional tone of scenes and the addition of the right music can move the viewers to the extent that it can make any video viral.
  • Visual effects: it is the manipulation or creation of computer-generated imagery on-screen that doesn’t otherwise exist.
  • Motion graphics: This is a digital technique that combines video images with words, typography, pictures, logos, and illustrations.
  • Color grading: It changes the look of footage in terms of brightness, color saturation, and some other elements according to the requirement of an individual scene or entire film.
  • Sound effects: Sound has a pivotal role in the success of any video or movie. From dialogues to sound effects, everything revolves around the quality and pitch of the sound to make it a big hit.

Role of Visual Effects (VFX) in Filmmaking

Video making is not a simple thing nowadays. It demands professionalism to come up to the standards of today’s digital world.

Visual effects are one such part of post-production that is a requirement of most videos in today’s world. Like all other post-production elements, visual effects demand perfection. They should be seamless and not be noticed at all or made look like something real.

If done in the right way, VFX can bring some characters to life in a video. They can make a horror movie monster a living nightmare or make a scene shot today look like a centuries-old place. Although the history of VFX dates back to 1857, it is an emerging field where continuous progress is seen with trial and error.

Not only do visual effects create something new on-screen but can be used to cover up mistakes by digitally erasing unwanted objects from the scenes.

How do Motion Graphics Work?

Another step of post-production that adds depth to the story. With music, motion graphics work effectively by communicating with viewers. It is different from animation because it’s not character-bound like common animation. Rather it uses animated shapes, text, and logos. With the development of computer graphics, motion graphics are further developed and widely used. The basic element of motion graphics is text. It works mainly by adding animation to text and adding audio.

Some of the advantages of motion graphics in videos include:

  • Cost and time effective as compared to other animation
  • Draws traffic by attracting people
  • Sharable through social media or other online ways
  • Interchangeable from one format to another to make different videos

Role of Eden Films in Post-Production

 Post-production is a tedious job demanding perfection. Otherwise, it can ruin rather improving a video. We have professionals who can handle your videos with perfection. We work creatively to make unique videos for you. Contact us to add colors to your project or bring your ideas to life through our filmmaking. You can find us anytime, anywhere in the MENA region and the USA.

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