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Documentary Videos Production

Filmmaking is an art, not a science, so it doesn’t have the same rules apply to each case. Hit and trial work, and the more you produce, the greater lessons you learn. If you are dedicated to learning how to make documentaries, only one rule works, start making and learning.

Eden Films has made the job easy for you. Get benefits from our 12+ years of experience and save your time and energy to spend on what matters.

How to Make a Documentary? 

  • Story Idea: This is the most essential part. Work on an idea you are passionate about. If it doesn’t make sense to most other people, it won’t matter. What matters is how you get your story idea and what you have in mind to show it through your documentary.
  • Fact-finding: Even if the subject seems one of the common things, get a deeper dive into it. Collect some rare facts and secrets about it. Search for leads on interesting characters that are sometimes buried out of the sight.
  • Making a Plan: Devise an outline that how are you going to tell your story, in which structure and style. Is there any connection with existing facts or footage, or do you need to start everything from scratch? Decide the primary characters of your story, and core points. How can you bring more passion to the story by creating some intrigue in it if not already present in the story?
  • Budget Allocation: Depending upon the list of shots and the complexity of your project, you need to calculate your budget. It’s important to have an idea beforehand, as it reminds you not to go overboard.
  • Script Writing: After collecting all the facts and background knowledge, it’s time to organize it into a script. It’s not necessarily what’s spoken or voiced, rather a script also describes the sequence of events shown to the audience.
  • Shooting: The medium where your documentary is being shown decides how it’s being filmed. There is a difference in how you are making documentaries for the web, television, or mobile devices. Ideally, you should capture a variety of angles including medium, wide, and close shots so as not to miss anything.
  • Editing: Here the real magic takes place. Editing is an art that can give the final shape to your documentary. Some parts are fast and others slow to give viewers a dynamic viewing experience. Put background accordingly and give special effects.
  • Distribution: Now you can showcase your documentary on the medium of your choice.

 How Eden Films Can Help You?

Now you don’t need to take all your headaches alone, we are here to help and guide you. From concept to completion, Eden films provide all the necessary assistance. Especially, it can do wonders in shooting and editing, giving a whole new look to your documentary. The good news is that we are reachable in many parts of the world. Already our team is working in the MENA region and recently established ourselves in the United States of America. Feel free to contact Eden Films and we won’t disappoint you.